fun in helsinki

not your typical
travel guide

We want to bring the best Finnish experiences to the world stage and reveal the secrets of Helsinki to our guests.

Here is a taste of Helsinki’s local customs, cultural activities, and the city’s best dining and entertainment hot spots. Plus, don’t worry, we’ll help you find the places and pastimes that are best suited for you.

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Saunas and arctic swimming

You can’t visit Helsinki without taking a sauna. Enjoy an authentic smoke sauna at Kuusijärvi or relax in the tranquil surroundings of Kulttuurisauna. Feeling bold? Try arctic swimming after the sauna. “Is it cold?” you ask. Let’s just call it, “refreshing.”

Fast and slow food

In every Roost you’ll find our recommendations for a variety of nearby dining options, plus local food-delivery services if you’re having too much fun at home. On the map below we’ve gathered some of our guests’ favorite places to drink and dine.

Pubs & clubs

Helsinki knows how to have fun. Enjoy your freedom to have a few cocktails at Liberty or Death, or find your rhythm at The Riff, a rock ‘n’ roll bar & cafe owned by the drummer Jussi 69. Or take the metro to eastern Helsinki to visit Pikkulintu, the area’s famous whisky pub.

Archipelagos and national parks

Helsinki offers more than modern city living, it offers island hopping at its best. The archipelago has over 300 islands! Take a ferry to explore the sea fortress Suomenlinna, the sandy beaches of Pihlajasaari, or to enjoy local organic dining on the island of Lonna. For hiking, catch a bus to Nuuksio National Park.

Arts + culture

Design District Helsinki attracts art lovers and creative souls of all types to the heart of the city. The area consists of several thriving downtown neighborhoods and was designated a World Design Capital in 2012. Make some time, there are more than 200 galleries, boutiques, museums and cafes to explore. Check out the district here.

World-renowned architecture

Architecture enthusiasts will love getting lost in Helsinki’s mix of old and new architecture. The city is known for its Modernist and Functionalist styles, as well as for having Northern Europe’s largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings. Explore some of our guests’ favorite sights on the map below.